Hi, I'm Ceri.

Hype Woman

In a nutshell...

I've been supporting entrepreneurs for over a decade and have coached 100's of businesses. 

1:1 Coaching 

What Can I Help You With?

A coach is part adviser, part sounding board, part strategist, part manager and part cheerleader. 

Being an entrepreneur can be lonely to say the least and it’s common to get stuck in your own head and in your own way. 

I coach, because I care.

Through coaching, I help my clients unlock their mindset, gain clarity and implement a strategy they can execute with confidence. 

how it all began

My love of entrepreneurship started over a decade ago, in my early twenties.

Working alongside successful entrepreneurs acting as their right hand - I saw first hand what it really takes to build successful companies.

I was always in awe of the courage and tenacity to start something, to build something, to scale something.

Since then, I've been addicted to entrepreneurship.

Leading the
natwest accelerator program

In 2018 I landed a real life 'dream job', leading Natwest's award winning Accelerator Program where I coached over 400 entrepreneurs and supported 100's more through group coaching and delivering business content workshops.

After a decade of working with entrepreneurs I'd seen it all -
successes, failures, pivots, revelations.

and then just like that...

In 2021, I became a mum to my little girl Everly and just 15 months later I welcomed another little girl, Poppy.  

Like many women, becoming a mum literally changed the game for me. I had a whole new perspective, purpose and my aspirations were stronger than ever. 

the role
that changed

That's when...
That Female Coach
was born. 

That's when
That Female Coach was born. 

I provide coaching and consultancy services to ambitious female entrepreneurs to enable them to unlock their potential and
take their business to the next level. .
I'm passionate about helping women grow and enjoy their businesses.

the girl behind 'that female coach'...

  • I'm mum to my two little girls - Everly & Poppy.
  • I'm married to Zach - fellow entrepreneur, also known as Dr.Golf!
  • I live by my core values - integrity, humility, purpose, compassion & appreciation.
  • I'm happiest when... enjoying family time, helping others, indulging in self-care, travelling, eating & sipping on my guilty pleasure Sauvignon Blanc. 
  • Oh and I should mention that my life hasn't always been sunshine and rainbows (can you relate!?)...

'It is your
reaction to adversity,
not the adversity itself that determines how your life's story will develop.'

always be kind

My Story.
My Why.

In 2008 I lost my mum to suicide.

I was 17 and it completely blindsided me. The grief I still feel today is unspeakable. My mum was amazing. Strong, kind, determined and successful. 

On the outside, she had it all. 

That's the thing about mental health. It's invisible. 

Everything about life as I knew it changed overnight. And in the years that followed it’s fair to say I went on a journey. From rock bottom to living a purpose filled, fearless life.

Life isn’t always straightforward. There will be bumps in all of our journeys. 

But we always hold the power.

The power to choose how our story will continue.

Losing my mum in such a devastating way was difficult beyond comprehension but as the grief settled and time went by I recognised that the experience shaped me in a compelling way. 

I had an overwhelming drive to find my purpose. And I had very little tolerance for anything that wasn't aligned with that. I was focused. Fearless. Life was short and I wasn't going to waste it.

Of course it wasn't a straight road, there were lots of twists and turns along the way.

But at my core I knew I wanted to help people in some way - to serve others. 

I kind of fell into my early career as an executive assistant, but from that moment I knew entrepreneurship was where I was meant to be. I felt inspired and alive for the first time in a while.  

The rest is history.  

Living purposefully

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